Big Thunder Potato Shoot

Arkansas State Championship Potato Shoot 
Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

2013 Results Are In

After being rained out on October 12th, the rescheduled event went off without a hitch on the morning of Saturday October 26.

I still hear a BOOM, but it’s a rather distant sound.  Yes, the 2013 Arkansas State Championship Spudgun Competition is history.   All that remains is an impressive 1st place trophy and Gold, Silver, and Bronze ribbons.  Again this year, Justin Trewyn and David Ramsey (The Boomers) took home the trophy with an average distance of 225 and accuracy of 50.  Second place went to Jackie Kizer (Team Pink) and third place to David Schaller (Calvin’s Thumper) of Faith Presbyterian Church.  First Runners Up were Erica Sac and Kristen Doty who were awarded “Official” Big Thunder caps, and not one of those cheap imitations.  Good job all!  

The winds were not favorable on Saturday, the record distance of 292 yards shot by Team Pink in 2011 still stands. The long shot this year was 239 yards by the Boomers.  I want to thank the intrepid spectators who braved the cold headwinds and cheered each team on, American Land Company who sponsored the trophy and ribbons, and all those who came to help including but not limited to, Karen and Marty McNight, and Dale Thomas from American Land Company.
I welcome your comments and suggestions for next year’s event. 

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The Big Thunder State Championship Potato Shoot is held every October in lovely, rural Horseshoe Bend AR.   This event is the premier potato shoot of the year and is always well attended in good weather or bad. 

Situated at the scenic Turkey Mountain Golf Course, there is particularly nice shooting from one of the  hills which allows  for shots that reach amazing distances.   In the picture at the top of this page, looking down from the launch site, you can see a small dry stream bed going from left to right. It really is quite a thrill to see your potato go over 200 yards and beyond the stream. If you look VERY closely, you can just see two little white golf carts just in front of the trees. They are waiting for the next potato to come out their way so they can mark the distance for us. Cool, huh? That's about 300 yards.

2012 winners were the boomers (see inset at top of page) who never fail to impress with their accuracy and all around performance.  

For 2013, we are pleased to announce that our good friends at American Land Company have provided trophies and medallions. Thank you ALC for your support.

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In 2011, the current record of 292 yards (that's right, yards -  not feet) was set by Team Pink who still only managed second place due to the perennial sterling of The Boomers . Since then, there has  been a friendly rivalry between Team Pink and the Boomers with the ladies shooting a pretty traditional gun against the guys who have a very effective new-age design.

Other shooters, whether they've been shooting for many years or for the first time, bring their own style and design to the competition. We have a lot of fun at the Potato Shoot and people get wildly enthusiastic as they cheer for their favorite team. The crowds were even more energetic in 2012 when the River 98.3 home town radio station was on site with their roving reporter broadcasting live interviews with spectators, participants and winners. 

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